Exfoliating with acids : what's the deal ?

Scrubs are overrated, here comes the the chemical peeling ! So gentle for the skin yet super effective, acids are the new way to exfoliate and bring that glow up to the surface.
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We all have once used those scrubs made with either sugar, salt, apricot kernel or silica, keep those for your body and switch to acid peelings for your face. Trust me on this one !

Using acids on your face... It sounds pretty barbaric said like this, but if you haven't already tried it ; trust me, chemical peelings are the best thing that will ever happen to your skin. From reducing fine lines, aging spots, pimples, breakouts and helping achieve a baby smooth, even skin, I have now forever replaced scrubs for acidic peelings on my face and will never go back !

Considering I have a sensitive skin, I was pretty afraid to try it. Lord, how wrong was I ; it is actually 10 times way gentler than scrubs ! It doesn't scratch your face the way a scrub would do, and it's both more gentle AND effective ! I have been using the AHA-kind for years now, but I did a little research about all the others acids out there and here's what I've found...


They work by ungluing the bonds holding back the old skin cells on the surface of your skin. Therefore, washing your face after using one of these acids will literally wash away the dead skin cells !
They improve the skin texture and complexion, as well as lines, wrinkles and aging spots. It also has a brightening effect.

∙ AHA (glycolic, lactic acid)

Better for normal to dry skin because it helps the skin retaining moisture.
It works on the skin's surface. Water soluble.

∙ BHA (salicylic acid)

Better for normal to oily, clogged or enlarged pores and pimples. Great for sensitive and redness-prone skins because of its natural calming properties.
It works on the skin's surface as well as deepest layers. Oil soluble.

Retinoic acid

The strongest of all, it's a metabolite of vitamin A. Watch out, it's pretty damaging for the skin, one kind of retinoid acid is used in acne treatments such as Accutane. It can be reaaaally harsh so I'd ask a professional on this one kind.

Azelaic acid

It's an antioxydant derived from grains which has antibacterial and brightening properties. It fights inflammation, redness, pimples, rosacea and swelling. The best for all red discoloration-problems !

You can find acids at The Ordinary : cheap yet effective skincare since they only focus on one ingredient. Pure and effective : I SAY YES !

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