How French women eat

Bread, cheese and wine was not exactly what your dietitian might have advised you... But here's how French woman manage to stay slim all year round no matter what !

1- French women don't overeat

They know how to listen to their bodies ; it's fine to leave some food in your plate or to keep the desert for later. Portion sizes are also way smaller, and it's fine this way. Your body and especially stomach adapts to the amount of food you are used to have ; the more you eat, the more you want to eat... and vice versa !

2- French women enjoy everything in moderation

They usually don't cut out any type of food. Carbs, chocolate, cheese, wine... Everything is fine as long as it's just a bit. :)

3- French women choose quality over quantity

And a bit is satisfying enough, since it's always about choosing quality over quantity !

4- French women cook

There will always be this love for food and gathering around a homemade dish. Cooking is part of our culture and we enjoy it ! 

5- French women go to restaurants rather than fast foods

Quality over quantity, once again. French people are also more inclined to pay for good food.

6- French women use balance

After overeating, whether it was at a diner or during a few years during the Christmas holidays, they usually put the body at rest by not eating until they feel real hunger and just drink herbal tea. We don't call this a cleanse or whatever, it's just rest for the body. It's not a trend, and everybody understands  & respects this need.

7- French women keep it SIMPLE

Fresh produces, as many fruits and vegetables as possible, no crazy diets, a lot of daily walking, a bit of exercise sometimes, and loads of water. No spinning classes or juice cleanses ! Ever.

8 - Bonus : French nutritional tags are easier to read

Instead of having nutritional values for a portion, it's always for 100 grams. Therefore, it's way easier to compare ingredient's nutritional values ! That helps us too...

I hope you found this interesting, let me know !
A bientôt mesdemoiselles


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