French girl makeup essentials

Got only 5 minutes left before having to get out of the house ? Here's our top picks to look classy effortlessly !

Number one : perfume

No French woman would ever leave the house without its signature perfume on ! Like a second skin, it instantly makes you feel more put together, confident and well.. yourself.
I leave mine on the tiny table next to my front door so that I never go out without putting on last spray on my neck.

Number two : mascara

It takes a little bit more time than perfume but we all have that one extra minute left to look prettier don't we ? It instantly gives definition and depth to your eyes + it makes you look more awake if you had a short night.
If you want to skip this you can invest in my tricks to have great lashes without wearing any mascara !

Number three : easy-to-apply red lipstick

If you really want to look like you put time and effort in your overall look and not just crawled out of bed exactly 7 minutes before to take the first clothes you could find, lipstick is your best friend. Buuuut you don't want to look like you were drunk this morning when applying it so stay away from those mattes formulas that takes a little bit extra time to be applied properly (i.e. : perfectly) and choose a glossier finish. The Clarins Eclat Minute (lip magnifier) is a good red lip care gloss in a tube, and the Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl in Rouge Rebelle is more like a very shiny red lipstick.

I've also put red nail polish on the picture above but of course, this takes more time to be done properly. Therefore, my advice is to always have clean red painted nails ! Take those five minutes in the evening to take care of your hands, this is the secret to look chic, no matter what.
If you don't have enough time to take care of your nails during the week, stick to well-shaped nails and applying hand cream regularly. Bare nails are fine too, way better than chapped red indeed !

Can't do anything for the outfit if you only have five minutes, but my tip is to always have a clean plain white shirt and a black blazer in your closet and reach for a good pair of jeans. You can never go wrong with those three !

Here's how we do it in France when we only have 5 minutes ! Give it a go on your rush mornings and tell me how it went :D

A bientôt, mesdemoiselles


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