Deep yet gentle daily face cleansing

Cleanse your way to the most radiant skin you'll ever have !

First beauty move my mom told me when I was 10 was to wash my face daily, using a baby cleansing milk and a cotton pad. At 21, my beauty routine has changed a lot ever since but I still put a lot of effort into washing my face daily with gentle products. In ten years, it went from quickly swiping a cotton pad with baby milk all over my face to a true French alchemist beauty routine.
Here's how to turn what used to be a chore into the greatest part of your skincare routine !

First : oil cleansing

I feel that the most gentle way to take all the makeup off at this end of the day will forever be oil. Without having to scratch my face and/or using harsh soap to make every last bit of waterproof mascara go away, I can not enjoy using only my fingertips with a product that doesn't dry my skin out like crazy.

How to :

• Splash your face with water
• Put oil in the palm of your hand
• Massage it all over your face with your fingertips, insisting on the areas where the makeup is harder to remove
• Rinse your face with water
- At this point, you'll probably have mascara smudged pretty much all over your face, even after rinsing the oil, which is normal. Here comes the micellar water or the soap-based product !

Second : micellar water or soap-like product

Even though micellar water can be used on its own, in the end of the day I like to pair it up with an oil. It makes removing make up way gentler than rubbing my face with tons of cotton pads for an hour...
You can either use a foaming product (keep it gentle for your skin) or a micellar water, which I prefer since it's way more skin-friendly than pretty much anything else I've ever tried. On the other hand, foaming products, wether it's gel, mousse or soap, are easier to use under the shower ! I always have both in my bathroom so I make sure that even on the nights when I don't feel like spending a good 5 minutes on washing my face, I still get a good double cleanse.

Third : lotion

Last thing my mom told me was to never keep any residues of cleaning product on my face... nor water ! I live in the South of France where water is super hard and it's an absolute disaster, both for my kitchen pipes and my face. Having a sensitive skin, hard water makes my skin feel itchy, stretched and red. Anyway, you should never skip gently patting a cotton pad soaked in lotion on your face ! Hard water makes the skin look dull, and micellar water can clog the pores and/or dry out your face on the long run.
In the end, lotion is always a good idea, an probably as important as washing your face when trying to achieve a clear skin & an even complexion.
My French grandmother told me that the secret to her always good looking skin was using rose water ever since she was 20, and trust me she looks fab !


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