Growing feather long lashes

Learn how to replicate all those fancy salon eyelashes treatment, using the right products and a little bit of consistency. Maybe you won't even need mascara in the end, yup, that's how great it works.

With the newly risen focus on eyebrows, eyelashes also got their fair amount of salon treatments. Curling, tinting, thickening... All these work wonder, but only last for about four weeks and are pretty expensive.
Nevertheless, there's something that I find absolutely chic is a fresh, make-up free face, with great eyelashes. They instantly make the eye pop and the face look more defined. It's subtle, yet it makes a whole difference and takes a bare-face to a whole new level !

Here's my secret weapons to beautiful lashes all year round !

- A good eyelash serum

For months now, I've been adding eyelashes serums to my beauty routine, applying them religiously at least twice a day, and the results are absolutely striking. My lashes are longer and thicker and tend to fall out way less than before.
You can use pretty much any eyelash serum on the market since the most important thing is how often you apply it and how consistent you are with your application. The price range goes from 5$ to more than a hundred $ for just a small tube depending on the brand, but I haven't found any striking differences. For now, I'm using a French stuff that cost me less than 10$... and castor oil !
I am switching between the two and I must say that castor oil is both a great natural and efficient eyelash serum
I've amped-up my castor oil with maca extract (a plant from Peru making hair and lashes grow faster) and collagen (to thicken the lashes) to make it even more potent and it's absolutely great. I'll post you a DIY soon if some of you want the full recipe.

- A lash tinting kit

This stuff was absolutely a game changer for me this year ; I am blonde my lashes tend to be medium brown so the only way I'd ever get dark lashes was by using mascara. I used this at home every month or so, it cost me 10$, it takes 10 minutes and I'll probably have enough product for the next five years !
It's pretty tricky at first considering you have to put pretty much the same chemicals used in hair dyes close to your eyes using a small pencil, but in the end it's just like applying mascara or eyeliner. You just have to be a little bit more cautious.
It's as simple as bonjour, you have to mix two products together (a paste and a liquid) and apply it to your eyelashes. My advice is to get as close as you can to the roots to have a more stunning effect. I've found mine in a shop selling specifically products for aestheticians and hair dressers.

Just like pretty much all the tips I share here, I focus on the tiny details that, in the end, make a big difference. Small tips big changes !
Looking more beautiful each morning, up to the point where you can go absolutely make up free without looking like a drug addict !

Rise and shine,


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