How to wear lace the Chic way ?

One thing I like to wear and that is very French is lace - "dentelle" in French -. I love this fabric but it can quickly go from very Chic to very cheap... Here's my top tips to never make any mistake and to always stay on the classy side of the force !

Of course I am only giving general pieces of advice ; there's a higher chance to not look cheap and rather chic following these, but fashion is also one the funniest and biggest playground ever ! HAVE FUN-

#1 : Choose the right kind

Aim for either a very delicate type of lace or a pretty thick one (dentelle de Guipure style) ; it's usually what's in between that is/looks the cheapest. 
Caution with the stretch kind too which is usually the most risky. If the piece of clothe looks classy enough then go for it, otherwise just don't.

#2 : Watch out for the colors

As a general rule, stay clear from the bold colors. White, beige, black, navy blue and baby pink are safe bets ! It doesn't mean you can't play it bold with flashy colors, but it's way more risky.

#3 : Stay cautious with the all-over

It's pretty hard to look cheap with a tiny bit of lace on a piece of clothe, whereas it's pretty hard to look classy wearing lace all-over

#4 : Be aware of what you wear underneath

It's no breaking news that lace is transparent : always make an extra effort when it comes to what you are going to wear underneath cause people are probably going to see it. Lace over lace can work when it comes to bras, just aim for the same color.

#5 : One is enough.

Never wear two piece of clothes with lace at the same time. It's a statement fabric that works best on its own.

#6 : Careful with the black

You don't want to look like an ancient black widow.

#7 : In doubt ; don't.

And this is probably the best piece of advice !

Now let's practice !

Why it's not working/risky :

Why it's simply chic :

Hope this helped you navigate through the Parisian style !
A bientôt mesdemoiselles,


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