Lookbook : shopping in Montpellier

Tip of the day : you can never go wrong with black, white, red & stilettos. Like, EVER.
(featuring Minelli stilettos ! (!!!))

French classy look

Hi Ladies !
First time rocking those Minelli stilettos !
Yeah I finally bought some, I had told you here about how great the quality was... Well, everything was on sale. 
I know, I'm weak.

I had to go out with a friend of mine to do some shopping (okay, I dragged him there, does that still count ?) and have a drink after in Montpellier, and after hours wearing them I can now tell you that they are soooo comfy !
They are not super pointed and there's also a tiny platform underneath that makes the heel a little bit lower, therefore they are just the best when it comes to walking in it all day.

I paired the shoes with a white blouse, black trousers and my favorite red bag. I must say that I don't own that many bags, but I still could switch sometimes... I don't know, this one matches everything so I wear it all the time !

Blouse : H&M (old co.)
Trousers : Bershka
Shoes : Minelli (old co. but they still have similar ones)
Bag : Mango (old co.)

A bientôt mesdemoiselles,


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