The best powder foundation for your skin

Looking for the perfect foundation can be one of the hardest thing ; finding the right color, finish, texture AND formulation in the same product is next to impossible, so let me break the news for you : WE FOUND THE ONE !

My first concern when looking out for, well, pretty much anything that will end up on my face skin is whether or not it might induce breakouts in the long run. Therefore, I'm always checking on the composition and looking for the "non-comedogenic" mention that will allow my skin to breathe through any skincare or foundation. Even though mineral powders are still the best, some of them are not what they claim to be. Of course, there are some minerals in it, but there's a chance there's more to it, and it seriously not the best for your skin. No matter what brand you chose, aim for one that only contains oxides (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides...), and maybe mica, but that's it.

Not only REAL mineral foundation works wonder, but it can also improve your skin ! Zinc oxide being the key ingredient into a blemish-free skin, even if there's only a small amount of it in the final product, it's still a good thing.

One brand I'll forever recommend to anyone looking for a great loose powder mineral foundation is Alima Pure. With an exact amount of 45 shades in their iconic Satin Matte foundation, this product is absolutely the best. Not containing any nasties nor bismuth oxychloride, a skin-irritating compound that can be found in some mineral powders, Alima Pure has earned my unconditional trust (and gratitude !).

They also offer contouring powders, bronzers, blushes, highlighters, color correcting powders and a lot more !

The great thing about this brand is that you can purchase samples for 1,75$ to find your true match. The samples are packed in tiny plastic transparent containers with the reference on the bottom. You can easily use it for 10 applications, therefore you can really see if this shade is the right one for you. They also sell kits including 10 close shades, a kabuki brush and a 10$ discount on a full-size foundation, which I think is really smart.

To summarize, this foundation is just the best :

- best shade range ever
- can go from very light to intense coverage
- feels really lightweight and comfortable
- zero bad ingredients
- very convenient packaging, and classy
- will not clog your pores
- and will even make your skin look better overtime !

Needless to say that I wish every beauty product was the same at this one ; something that is both makeup AND that will improve what it sits on in the long run. Cheers to Alima Pure for being such a new age brand !

A bientôt mesdemoiselles !


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