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The pictures I took were from items which are going to be disappearing from stores during the upcoming months, therefore I don't think that there is any use to me putting the links down below. Buuuut since I won't let you without any directions, I'll make a quick sum up of where you can find these items !


Most of the clothes I buy come from Mango. Their dresses are absolutely great and very classy, they sell genuine leather perfectos (yay !) and good basic cotton shirts, either plain or with a message.
H&M is also one of the stores where I buy the most of my clothes from. The price always seems fair with everything they sell & they go down to very small sizes which I really appreciate.
Sometimes I also take a look at Zara & Bershka.


I buy all my jeans at Abercrombie&Fitch. After years trying to find the perfect pair, I know now that everything they have fits me perfectly, so I'm saving money by not trying to find something else. They cost around 80$ but I have been wearing some for 6 years old now and they just.won't.budge. Crazy !


When I'm looking for derbies, I always go to André, they sell quality ones for a really decent price. I wouldn't go to relatively cheap places for this type of shoes. If your budget allows you, Minelli is the best in terms of quality and still affordable, for any type of shoes.
When it comes to stilettos, I stick to Stradivarius ; good comfy shoes + cheap ! (yay ! bis). One day I hope that I'll be able to buy my stilettos at Minelli cause their shoes are seriously THE BOMB.



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