My best 3 for a healthy complexion

I don't always use foundations and face products, but when I do I like my skin to look makeup free ! Here's my top picks for an even complexion with a VERY natural finish !

1- Complexion Rescue, bareMinerals

Literally the only foundation-like product that I would ever apply on my face. It's moisturizing, lets your skin breathe, has a nice finish, never looks cakey, is very lightweight and most of all : has a very light coverage. It only makes your skin look better, without hiding what's underneath !
Formulated with a water base and, of course, non comedogenic, it literally makes your skin glow. A true must-have.

2- BB Crème nude, Erborian

I personally have a thing with under-eye concealers ; I always find them drying/not moisturizing enough. The alternative I've found is to use... this BB cream. Too fair for my skin and containing silicones, it didn't look great on my skin (not to mention that I freaked out to put something that could potentially clog my pores, acne PTSD...) so I used it as a concealer and it was just DA BOMB.
Moisturizing, with a modulable coverage, it's very luminous and works like wonder in making my eyes look more awake. Needless to say, a bright eye is mandatory.

3- Bronzing and contouring mineral powders, Alima Pure

I often find that my face kind of lacks definition, volume, especially on the cheeks... So I always put on a dash of bronzer on the apples of the cheeks or contouring powder under the cheekbones to make them look more defined.
Alima Pure is my favorite brand ever when it comes to mineral make-up, they have the greatest range of shades and the composition is absolutely spotless !
☞ shop it at Alima Pure for 24$ each

A bientôt mesdemoiselles,


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