Red lips : the undertones

Learn all about the iconic red lips, starting with discovering all about the red-undertones world ! Vibrant, desaturated, warm, cool... Red lips can be declined a thousand different ways !

I remember a few years ago when I put on vibrant red lipstick... and swiped it off a few minutes after, because I didn't like the way it looked on me. The problem wasn't the application, nor the rest of the makeup ; it was the red itself.

One day I was scrolling through Pinterest and found a pin with a girl rocking red lips, and like I always do when I find something that I like, I tried to figure out WHY I liked it. 
The color. 
It was the color. 
She was wearing a next-to-orange kind of red... And I had been trying to wear a cool undertoned red, that would instantly make me look weird. As if I had stolen my mom's lipstick. 

Ever since that day, I know that if I want to go for an effortless red lips, I should aim for a warm-undertoned red lipstick. It makes my face look instantly more fresh, young and, somehow, balanced. It matches the way I look.

Blah, enough with the story, here's the different types  of red :

The warm red 

Almost orange.
Fits well on tanned complexions, as well as blondes. Best for skin with warm undertones.

The red

Can work with any complexion, whether it's warm or cold undertones.

The cool red

Works best on brunettes.

The desaturated red

Works with every complexion and hair ! Blondes & brunettes, warm & cool undertones.

All the pics above are from fashion backstages , except for the last one which is from a blogger called Linda Hallberg, a true beauty with amazing make-up skills...

A bientôt mesdemoiselles,


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