Cold season : survival guide for those who hate it

I wish I did like cold season, but I can't help it  : I'm more of a spring/summer kind of girl, and I already hate those chilly mornings + coming back home in the dark. 
At 6pm.
(Shall I write how annoyed I am one more time or do you get how bad it is ?)

Therefore, here's my tricks to ease this transition into fall, and maybe -MAYBE- enjoy tiny seasonal pleasures (#pumpkin anyone ?).

☞ Tea, coffee & everything related

I have always been a huge tea drinker. I must admit that finally brewing tea the right way (in hot water rather than infused in cold water during summer) and drinking it hot feels goooood. Anyway, whether you are a tea, coffee or herbal tea drinker, find your jam and make the brewing a self-care ritual.

Holding a hot cup in your hands, sipping a hot beverage and feeling your body getting warmer feels like heaven to me ! And if it is Oolong caramel flavored tea with soy milk, life goes from crappy to perfect in a second. Magical.

Consider investing in really cool/technical "equipment" for your beverage of choice ; a Chemex for coffee drinkers, a pretty teapot for tea aficionados, a special whisk to prepare matcha lattes etc... & don't forget to get the perfect cup that comes along with it !

☞ Get warmth wherever you can

Add a blanket.
Add another blanket. 

When I come home after the day, if my clothes don't feel comfortable enough to be worn at home, I swap whatever I'm wearing for yoga pants, big socks & one or two big sweaters. Yup, I'm lucky to be living alone. (Or maybe that's why I live alone..? Interesting.)

Find yourself a stylish & comfy loungewear outfit that makes you warm enough !

☞ Homemade fall dishes

Focus on the good, remember ?
Well, pumpkins are part of the good.

Ditch your salad once in a while and take some extra time to cook a homemade (hot) dish with seasonal products. I know what I mean cause I never cook (I just HATE washing the dishes), but once in a while, I admit that it feels good to buy a pumpkin at the farmer's market and make something out of it that will, basically, heal your soul.

You can also play with recipes you master by adding an autumnal touch : with warm spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clover..), mushrooms, nuts, apples and pears, chestnuts... The list goes on !

If you have an opportunity to go pick the products yourself, it's even better. It can be a nice Sunday activity to do with a friend or family.
On a similar level, you can this opportunity to take your toddlers to go picking pretty colorful leaves !

☞ Warm up the room

Change the lighting for candles, string lights and desk lamps ; they make the room feel cozier in an instant.
Use warm scents like chocolate, vanilla, spices, wood etc... It can be from candles, laundry detergent, scented sticks, ambiance perfume...
If your floor is always cold, fluffy rugs are your new friends. I know in the US & UK people rarely have tiles in their rooms but more wood or carpet floors, but if you do, I feel you my friend : socks & rugs, that's the trick.

Both help keeping this season enjoyable for those like me who, basically, despise it.
I can even find a bit of fun haha
(a bit)

Hope this helped you in a way if you are about to have a mental breakdown.
Stay strong,
Bikinis are around the corner !

Much love,

All pics are from Pinterest, credits to their owners. Claim it if it is your own :)


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